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0003234Bug Report2021-05-12 15:13
Status closedResolutionno change required
Summary0003234: Continuous crashing when playing the game.
DescriptionV 0.20.9, not 0.20.8. After clicking to get to the next scene, the game will freeze and become non-responsive, making it unplayable. This happens throughout the game, from the very start. I've only managed finish the first day, as it crashes too often to play. Occasionally I can get through a short amount of dialogue, then the game will freeze. When it freezes, any music that was playing is looped and glitched, and waiting doesn't do anything. I've tried running the game as admin, but nothing helps.




2021-05-10 17:41

updater   ~0005301

Please add your crash log, and only open 1 ticket per issue.


2021-05-12 15:13

updater   ~0005304

Please reopen when you are able to provide what we ask for.

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