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0003224Bug Report2021-05-03 17:12
SeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0003224: "Wake up in graveyard" cutscene plays incorrectly
DescriptionOnce when I tried to go to the graveyard in the evening—*not* at night, I wanted to check the moon phase before sacrificing my evening—the "wake up in the graveyard" cutscene played for no reason. The game then plopped me back in front of the church, though did not advance the clock. I suspect this may be difficult to reproduce as I've been to the graveyard a bunch of times, including in the evening to check the moon phase, and it's only happened once. (Unless it's deterministic based on the moon phase, which could still be a pain to reproduce, but the "right" moon phase is likely during or just before the full moon.)


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