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Summary0003204: Eve major choice undermines same scene
DescriptionI love this scene where Eve opens up to you and decides she trusts you enough to bare it all. In addition to good writing, it also follows all the hallmarks of good design by letting the player choose and warning them that the choice affects the story line.

Yet somehow I still feel cheated. The scene is all about accepting Eve for who she is, yet there is no option to do that! After making the choice, you then accept Eve for who you wanted her to be. It kind of undermines the scene.

My suggestion would either be either to keep the two options but reverse the outcome, or to add a third option where you can choose not to choose (and have the writer/RNG choose for you).

P.S.: There is a workaround: Flip a coin. Heads is "bulge", tails is "vagina".
P.P.S.: Eve's scars are way too sexy.




2021-04-19 22:07


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