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0003180Bug Report2021-10-25 20:27
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Summary0003180: Possible to get stuck in warehouse at night
DescriptionAfter making plans with Tony to scout out the warehouse, if you go there during late night hour, the normal dialogue will play upon arrival, but then when click on the tree to scout, it plays the "i'm too tired and should go to bed" dialogue, so you can't proceed forward with the scene. But the World Map icon is also greyed out and can't be selected, and there is no "go back" button, so you're effectively stuck in the scene.

I did it a few times on different days just to be absolutely certain it wasn't just a glitch.

If you go back a save and go during the correct time of night, everything works as it should.




2021-10-25 20:27

reporter   ~0005382

Confirmed. I had the same exact issue, and the map icon is grayed out, so you cannot exit the area.

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