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0003175Bug Report2022-11-15 11:28
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Summary0003175: The keyboard in the game on android
DescriptionI'm playing the game in android(Oneplus 7 pro). Every time I have to type with the cell phone keyboard (as in computers) the keyboard is automatically overlapped. This causes that I cannot see what I am writing, or that it does not let me leave the computer and I get stuck. I have to press the arrow on the cell phone to close the keyboard and quickly hit the X on the pc to be able to exit, if I don't give it in time the keyboard will automatically reappear in 1 second or even less. I don't know if the same thing happens to someone else who plays on android but it is something very annoying.




2021-03-31 04:56




2022-11-15 11:28

reporter   ~0005486

Same happens with the computer, when MC must log in for the first time. you cant see the sticky, cause the keyboard overlapped. (think its a android problem by itself)
Would be nice when the keyboard only appears, when you click on the the typing area.

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