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0003152Bug Report2022-03-03 03:27
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Summary0003152: Buying fish without money
DescriptionI went to mainly check the price of fish for the quest step where Debbie cooks fish for Diane for dinner. When I clicked one of the fish choices to purchase it, I get the message that I do not have enough money, then I get the scenes for Captain Terry giving me the fish, and I can check my bag afterwards and I do indeed have the fish in my bag.

I repeated this with a different fish not quest related and the same things still happens.




2021-03-28 06:56

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2021-06-27 08:14

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You can buy the three kind of fish without money and sell them after.
1. Buy with no money
2. Sell them
3. Money on your bank account
4. Repeat for profit


2022-03-03 03:27

reporter   ~0005454

Confirmed this is still an issue in .20.13 and that it's possible to buy fish without having $100. I noticed that fish can be bought with both > $0 and = $0. If I recall correctly, from my first round of testing, if you have less than $100, you will have $0 left over (so your remaining money is removed, even though it isn't enough).

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