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0003073Suggestion2020-12-23 12:02
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Summary0003073: [Suggestion] Study night with Roxxy - the virgin question
DescriptionSince the game now tracks whether the MC is a virgin or not, there is an opportunity for more interesting dialogue between Roxxy and the MC during the study session in his room in the early stages of Roxxy's route.

When she asks him if he's a virgin, he could give a vastly more confident response if he's had sex with the other ladies in town (especially if he's banged Becca's mom Tina, since Missy ws also witness to the discovery and we all know she can't keep a secret).

While on the topic, there is opportunity for interesting dialogue alternatives regarding her question about the MC bringing girls to his room before. Especially since there are at least 3 ladies that the MC can have sex with in his room (Debbie, Jenny and June) currently.

Just something additionally fun to think about for the future. Especially if we ever get future options to invite the various ladies over to the MC's place for bedroom activities.




2020-12-23 12:02

reporter   ~0005148

Agree totally!

I havent known that virgin-trtacker is already in game, but some time ago I offered to improve tattoshop_drinking_game with yes/no answers depending on players choise, and having MC virgin on nonvirgin at that point could highly improove hte gameplay!

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