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0003059Bug Report2020-11-21 19:41
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Summary0003059: Debbie and Jenny not replaced by the name chosen for them

there are two places where Debbie and Jenny are not called by the name the player gave them during the game intro:

- At the graveyard during fullmoon when Rump just has been arrested: "( I should head to {b}Debbie{/b}'s tonight. )"

- Same situation when MC goes to sleep: "( I'm going to kill {b}Jenny{/b}... )"

- During Mia's quest when MC is investigating Harold's whereabouts: "( Hmm... {b}Yumi{/b}'s busy staking out {b}Debbie{/b}'s so she won't have heard anything... )"

Note that this applies to game version 0.20.7 only, which still cannot be chosen ih the Version drop-down. So this ticket is also a bug report for that tool.




2020-11-21 19:41

updater   ~0005146

Confirmed, This'll be fixed in the next update.

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