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Summary0003058: Some kind of Quality Assurance for Community Translation Packs

I know the community translation packs are not supported. However, there are several lage problems:

Even though the packs are released, work is still ongoing. I downloaded the German pack three times, in between having passed two days toa week. Each time, I got a totally diffenrent translation. Lines that were alredy absolutlely fine have been touched again and again, apparently by different translators. Not only bugs have been resolved, but in best case some small things have been changed, while very often new bugs have been introduced.

I think that at some point the translation should be locked and be only changeable by the user who created the last translation, and some super-users.

Example: The word "Mall" tranlates "Einkaufszentrum" in Germany, and this word changes back and forth between the correct translation and the original "Mall" every other day throughout the whole pack. Using "Mall" is not very common in German.

Anothher example are the variable names "firstname", "jen_name" and "deb_name", which sometimes are correctly embraced by [ and ], and on other days not -- as a result displaying not the correct names in-game. This one could be solved by a simple check in the translation tool. One time I encountered the string "{jen_name}" (having curved instead of angle brackets), resulting in exceptions in the game. Such things could also be checked by the tool.


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