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Summary0003025: Pregnancy probability Tina after taking Pregnax Pills
DescriptionI am not sure if that is a bug or intended to be, but that's what I recognized:

After taking the pregnax pills impregnating all characters but Tina comes up with pretty much of a 100% probability, but when trying it on Tina it still seems to be as if the mc had never taken them, so for me it seems that the pregnax pills don't work on Tina.




2020-10-24 10:09

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Pregnax increases the probability by 20%. Tina's base change is 10% so that's a 30% change. Her chaces should be higher than Consuela's for example, who starts at 2.5% chance, or Grace starting at 5%. See here for more info on that:

Maybe you're just extremely unlucky with Tina. 100% probability for all other characters shouldn't be possible as it's 20%, so Consuela cannot get higher than 22.5% chance.



2021-09-19 22:38

reporter   ~0005369

I've noticed that Characters with pregnancy routes that were added BEFORE 20.1 Pregnax 'Stacks' with multiple doses; Jenny is base 20% and after 4 doses of Pregnax, it's is impossible to NOT get her pregnant, and same for 5 doses with. Characters with routes added AFTER 20.1 (Tina, Liu, Josie and Nadya) only have a modified chance with 1 dose (only +20% for the first dose, no effect for any more.) Maria seems to be the exception; her wheel seems to act like the other characters from before 20.0

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