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0003013Bug Report2020-10-01 02:58
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Summary0003013: Three issues - Unable to enter Sugar Tats, Roxxy has wrong dialog, and Awesomo isn't rescued.
Description1) Whenever I try to go to Sugar Tats (which I'm trying to do so that I can get paint for Miss Ross), I get the popup "I should check on Odette first" and it won't let me enter - if I try to go into the garage, I get the same message.

2) I spoke with Roxxy in her trailer, and her first dialog option returns a conversation that she's happy that Clyde's gone, even though he is standing outside the trailer.

3) I've already rescued Awesomo, but I saw Anna in the park again looking for him, and he was in his normal spot in the forest. Additionally, I can feed him endless amounts of cookies.

I cannot upload my save file here because it's too big for the uploader, so I've zipped them and attached them as a dropbox link.
Save 1-6 has the Awesomo bug, and save 2-1 has the Roxxy and Odette bugs.


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