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0003005Bug Report2020-09-21 23:27
SeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0003005: Able to Time Travel with Roxxy
DescriptionI did not directly go to Roxxy's trailer when prompted for the retrieval of her cheerleading uniform. I returned in the evening (when dark) and was able to progress the story further to speak to clyde. Clyde was present at the trailer and then subsequently at the tractor for that interaction and then the minigame prompt. (I cheated) and didn't actually do the minigame. Clyde then acknowledged the loss and did his dialog about the uniform and his (dog.) When I finished the interaction I was returned to the tractor and it was now "Afternoon" on the same day and was light out. Didn't break anything but was very noticeable.

Thanks for everything!


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