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0002987Bug Report2020-09-27 09:31
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Summary0002987: Jenny's diary duplicates pages and pushes out necessary content.
DescriptionWhen reading the diary entries, I noticed the entry that begins with "Eugh, Debbie and <my character name> are f**king... SO GROSS!!!" is duplicated across several pages. For me, this entry is on the 20th page. The more that I progress, the more pages it is duplicated across. At the time of writing this, pages 20 -28 are all duplicates of that entry. Why I mark this as "major" is that it pushes the pages following it back but keeps the proper page number for that story point. So right now, I am at the point where I need to buy a gift for Jenny to win her heart. The story tells me to read her diary but because I cannot see the page where she talks about this, I am not able to able to get any info on this next step. Luckily, when I put the book down, the story text says "That's it!" and mention that I should buy a gift so I know what to do. Presently, I have 29 pages in the diary unlocked and the 29th page is where she describes her first oral sex cam show moment with the main character. I know that there are pages after that because I have read them earlier in this playthrough, but now they have been moved past the 29th page position and are no longer available to me to read.




2020-09-15 02:54

reporter   ~0005060

I just went back through the diary and that entry is now in the 29th page position as well. I can not longer see any entries after that duplicated one.


2020-09-15 03:00

updater   ~0005061

known bug. working on a fix for the next version.


2020-09-27 09:31

updater   ~0005095

Dupe of 0002790

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