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0002952Bug Report2020-09-15 20:56
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Summary0002952: Can't click on the photograph on Harold's Desk at the police station
DescriptionI've spoken to all the police offices, currently the female officer is outside the MCs house and I'm pretty sure the next step is to click on the photo on harold's desk, but it's not allowing me.

I've attached my save file for you to take a look at.


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2020-09-10 07:21

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2020-09-14 19:58

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This is being fixed for next version, here is a fix to your save to bypass the need to speak to Yumi, you can now click the photo on Harold's desk and progress from there. You will need to remove the "-2" at the end of the save name so that the game recognises the save. (479,094 bytes)

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