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Summary0002890: Miss Dewitt is gone
DescriptionAfter finding out who is guilty of coloring the Auditorium, we need to return to Miss Dewitt, but she is not in the music class, and any other of the interaction options ends with the main character’s phrase: “I should check on Miss Dewitt”. After loading an earlier save (much earlier), it turned out that even before the Auditorium check, Miss Dewitt simply does not appear in the classroom, either in the morning (while Annie plays the synthesizer and you can interact with her) or in the afternoon, and in the evening when the player presses the door of her personal office, the protagonist says: “I should go home and rest some sleep ", although you can go to other (not even fully completed) teachers.

Of course, I could try to write here the whole path of my first passage, but unfortunately, I do not remember the whole sequence of actions, because I took a break for a month (exams).

Perhaps this is due to the fact that I transferred the save from version 0.20 to 0.20.1 but in my defense I will say, that I did it long before I began to develop teachers' questlines (almost at the very beginning).




2020-06-14 22:23

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2020-06-19 13:55

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I checked your save. You are right about the lock if you go to the auditorium first. But if you go to the teacher's lounge first before doing the auditorium quest, Ms. Dewitt will sit there and gladly hand you the pile of magazines you need for the Ms. Ross quest. Afterwards she is free to deal with the auditorium correctly.

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