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0002886Suggestion2020-06-01 09:48
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Summary0002886: beach house
DescriptionIt would be kinda cool if the beach house was set to allow over night guest(s) for fun times. Honestly it would be cool it you could invite several different partners (say eve, grace, oddette, roxy + squad, etc) in various combinations and have the mc have to work out how to: have them not kill each other/him and how to get them to all take part in group fun time. A subset of this idea would be to have the mc make a list of who he wants for group funs, and then have a random selection of them show up.
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2020-06-01 09:48

updater   ~0004932

This is a game mechanic that's been talked about being implemented in a future version of the game. What will be involved and who has not been said as well as a version it may be in.

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