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0002866Bug Report2021-10-28 03:14
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Summary0002866: Miss Ross quest - progress blocked by pregnant Eve (not because of her massive belly)
DescriptionStep 1
- Play the Eve quest line
- Innitiate pregancy for Eve
- Complete scene where Eve announces her pregnancy
- Have Eve in her room all day why in the initial state of her pregnancy

Step 2
- Play the Mrs Ross quest line
- delivery the lines to miss Ross in the art classroom. Get tasked to get paint from Eve
- Visit Eve in her bedroom, where she is all day looking cute
- Talk to Eve. No option to ask for paint appears in dialogue option tree
- Progress for Mrs Ross questline is blocked

Bonus request
- Please add some hugs or kisses during Eve's pregnancy state.




2021-03-30 12:26

reporter   ~0005238

Still true in 0.20.8


2021-04-22 00:33

reporter   ~0005286

Can confirm. I also second the bonus request.


2021-04-30 17:45

reporter   ~0005290

Is this a bug, or is it an intended consequence of pregnancy? I tend to think the latter, as this isn't a permanent block. After Eve gives birth and then sends the child to daycare, Miss Ross's route can be resumed and you can ask Eve about the paint. I'd assume while Eve is pregnant, you can't ask her about the talent show or have her perform in it either (for Ms. Dewitt's route). Eve chooses to spend her pregnancy at home and not at school. Therefore, Eve isn't available for any scenes requiring her to be at school while she's staying at home during her pregnancy. This seem to be by design, at least in my mind.


2021-05-01 11:10

reporter   ~0005292

You may be right that it's intended. She did show up at school for the talent show quest line, but that might be because it was before she grew a belly.


2021-05-03 20:48

reporter   ~0005297

Given that Eve just tells you to get paint from Grace anyway, this seems awfully illogical. OTOH, I got around it by just waiting until Eve put the kid in daycare and returned to school. Still annoying.


2021-10-28 03:14

reporter   ~0005388

I know I'm a few months behind, but I'm 99% sure it's intended to be this way. Pregnancy seems to block any progression with that character. I had this same problem, but in the next step of that story in that Grace was pregnant. Eve said to go talk to Grace about the paint, but the boxes wouldn't load when I would go to visit her in the tattoo parlor. As soon as the kid went to day care, I could progress along the route.

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