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0002649Bug Report2020-09-08 07:46
Status resolvedResolutionopen
Summary0002649: The lair has no message, nor lets you travel there when it's late at night
DescriptionWhen it's late at night in Summerville, all locations either let you 1) travel there (like the park, basketball court, Diane's Barn, etc), or 2) give a message that you should be getting to bed (like the pier).

The Lair of Aqua does neither. Clicking on it just resets the cars driving down the streets, but no message, nor travel happens.
If you guys don't want to have to remove Aqua during the night or draw her sleeping or something, you could implement a message like you get with clicking on the Pier, which now says "I'll see the Captain tomorrow, I need some sleep!" without letting the MC travel there.




2020-07-31 12:11

updater   ~0004965

Confirmed and updated to 0.20.


2020-09-08 07:46

updater   ~0004982

This has been fixed in 0.20.5!

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