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0002501Bug Report2020-01-13 17:55
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce
Summary0002501: Arrow keys
DescriptionIn version 18.6 i could use the arrow keys. In 19.1 running windows 7 I am unable to use my arrow keys this is true for the OSK as well. It will reset the pattern in the dexter fight scene. I tried it with cheats and without it is the same issue. I cant believe I am the only one with this issue.




2019-12-01 19:26

updater   ~0003861

What do you call OSK?

When a minigame resets, it means that the Ctrl key as been pressed. Please verify that a software used on your computer is not simulating this key pressing.
Without reply, the report will be closed within a week.


2019-12-01 23:18

reporter   ~0003880

ON screen Keyboard

Often used if u\you think there may be an issue with your physical keyboard However the same issue is there as well There is a line of dialog across the front of the screen saying to use Alt shift V to disable. This may be some of the same issue. Disabled almost all tasks with the same issue. i reloaded the program with the same results.


2020-01-04 11:46

updater   ~0004296

This bug hasn't been reproduced either by the game testers or by other players, suggesting that the problem is located on your computer.


2020-01-13 17:55

updater   ~0004346

This issue cannot be reproduced, the report is now closed.

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