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0002383Bug Report2020-09-08 07:51
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Summary0002383: Sleeping at dawn
DescriptionSometimes upon returning home at dawn there is a animation where the 'MC' wake up and put on clothes while it is still night.




2020-01-25 21:41

updater   ~0004390

I've noticed this problem too in 0.19.5.

If the MC sleeps with Jenny in her bed after her route has been completed (I choose the dominant route for the MC, not sure if that makes any difference), they wake up in her room. She tells the MC she needs a shower, and the MC is kicked to the hallway. If the MC goes along his day he's seen with clothes everywhere, but upon returning to the MC's room (even in evenings) the MC does his getting dressed animation.

It has to do with that the MC doesn't do this animation in Jenny's room before being kicked out. I'Ve also tried it with sleeping at Debbie's (after watching a movie together, after the threesome in the evening, and after getting in her bed late at night) But they all produce the getting dressed animation in Debbie's room, thus this issue is not encountered.

tl;dr: The getting dressed animation should either be 1) added to Jenny's room too (like in Debbie's room) or b) not being shown in the MC's room after having slept in Jenny's room


2020-05-01 10:12

updater   ~0004612

This has been confirmed. This happens when the MC sleeps at Jenny's and then leaves the front door to do whatever, before returning to the MC's room, at which point the putting on clothes animation plays, even when it's noon/evening/night. Updated to version 0.19.5. No ETA on a fix.


2020-05-15 09:21

updater   ~0004890

Updated the version to 0.20. This bug will be fixed in 0.20.5.


2020-09-08 07:51

updater   ~0004992

This has been fixed in 0.20.5!

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