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0002332Bug Report2020-01-08 01:52
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Summary0002332: MC rooftop drinking with eve text interaction
DescriptionIn the drinking party with eve, odette, and grace mc says that they have not had sex before when i experimented with haing him sleep with others first ( Roxxy, Jenny, etc ). Was told he was supposed to have a different interaction in scene depending if he had slept with anyone else before eve.




2019-10-30 08:10

reporter   ~0003377

In my fresh play-through I completed all 4 teacher routes (Bisette, DeWitt, Otika and Ross) through at least 2 late night sex sessions with all 4 of them in their offices, before doing anything more than the forced portions of Eve's story.

And once I reached the drinking game my MC didn't drink on the sex question claiming he was a virgin.


2019-11-05 06:08

reporter   ~0003491

Also can confirm after finishing Jenny's, Roxxy's and Miss Bissette's routes before hand, MC still claims to be a virgin.


2019-12-29 16:48

reporter   ~0004265

"Never have I ever" is really the gift that keeps on giving in regards to plotholes, ain't it? ~_^

It's possible that the MC is just lying, although it would be a bit of a dick move on his part since his girlfriend is right there and asked the question in the first place. But unless the devs had the foresight to code a "pc_virgin" flag somewhere, it's not likely they can branch here.

A possible solution is that the MC drinks, and then when pressed for details, refers to some Noodle Incident that occurred before the game started that he doesn't want to talk about. That probably raises unnecessary questions, however. Or he could drink, referring to the (I think) unavoidable handy he got from Judith early on, though that may cause complications on Judith's path later on. But both these and other solutions run up against a problem: Eve asked that question because she wanted to know the answer, and given that multiple characters note her as fragile-hearted...

I humbly submit the following suggestion: MC doesn't drink, then later, when he's alone with Eve, admits to have been lying by not drinking. He starts to come clean, but before he can give any details, she stops him and says it's okay, because she's learned recently that people have to be accepted for who they are, not who we'd like them to be. It fits perfect because this is a major theme of Eve's route; she thinks that nobody accepts her for the person she is, including herself.


2020-01-06 11:26

reporter   ~0004297

I analyzed the issue and found that the problem is with trigger T_mc_had_sex not working as expected. This is apart from Harold's trigger T_harold_found_goods the only one that is implicitly triggered by a FSM state transition definition, and the only one that is supposed to change an FSM variable (here: M_player's is_virgin):

    M_player.add_action(T_mc_had_sex, ["clear", "is_virgin"])

This is supposedly to be triggered in several places, that are defined like e.g.:

    S_jenny_final_breakfast.add(T_jenny_end, S_jenny_end,
                               actions=["exec", A_prolific_camshow.unlock,
                                        "assign", ("diary_index", 27),
                                        "trigger", T_mc_had_sex])

However, even though the triggering routine runs, it never changes the variable as intended. The coding eventually executes this function:

    def fsm_action_trigger(target, machine, from_load=False):
        if from_load:

And this does nothing at all.

Instead of the Machine.trigger method, a Machine.machine_trigger would do the trick, as I verified by modifying the coding locally. Hoever, I am not sure if this is a general solution, or if Machine.trigger should be corrected accordingly.


2020-01-08 01:52

updater   ~0004319

I had already reproduced the bug but without having forwarded the details because its incidence is presently trivial. It is now done!
Thank you for your comments and insides. The fixe has no ETA.

Report version updated to 0.19.5.

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