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0002058Bug Report2019-09-23 04:45
SeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0002058: renpy.get_refresh_rate() yields 0.0 causing a ZeroDevisionError.
DescriptionWhenever I try to load the “pizza game” I get a ZeroDevisionError.
Caused by line game/scripts/minigame/pizza_mijigame/screens.rpy#128

On this line ACCELERATION is being calculated with a float devision on
config.framerate / renpy.get_refresh_rate()

In my system this last renpy call yields the value 0.0 which obviously triggers the error.
A fix would be to either capture the error state or to validate its more than zero
Like ‘if (renpy.get_refresh_rate < 0): ACCELERATION = ...
This would allow the next if to pick up the lower than 1.0 acceleration and set it to 1.0.


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2019-09-23 04:45 Sysosmaster New Issue