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0002048Bug Report2021-05-03 17:16
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Summary0002048: Diane is available at evening when you click on shed
Descriptioni just finished cleaning the garden, it is now the evening. I click on the door to the house i get prompted that Diane is probably asleep. Yet when i click on the shed's door there she is with her normal dialog about being tired. Occured after the milk has been delivered to the daycare.




2019-09-16 20:02

updater   ~0002968

I agree there should be a new dialogue if Diane is in the shed and when we click on her house door.


2020-05-09 18:19

reporter   ~0004864

On 0.20.1 i think it got fixed. I delivered the milk to the daycare, went back to Diane's house and left money and note, then cleaned the garden. Click on house it mentions she is probably asleep and cannot work the garden, click on shed and the shed is empty. I will add further comment to see if the issue occurs later in the route


2020-05-09 18:41

reporter   ~0004865

a couple days after down her route after the chat with veronica the scenario occured, click on house, MC mentions she is probably asleep, click on shed and Diane is there, sp this one is still open.


2021-05-03 17:16

reporter   ~0005293

As of 0.20.8 I'm still seeing this.

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