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0002023Suggestion2019-08-26 22:55
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Summary0002023: Improvements when MC is using computer
DescriptionThere was a lot of feedback from players about the use of computers during Jenny's route. One of the blocking points came from the pauses during the main character's monologues; indeed, they have many pauses that suggest that they ended and that the player must perform another action, such as clicking on the videos' thumbnails. Except that clicking on the videos doesn't give any results, and doesn't advance the dialogues.
Two issues can therefore be identified:
• These monologues, in front of a static screen, should never include pauses. Otherwise it gives the impression that the game is frozen due to a bug.
• During dialogues (including monologues), it should not be possible to interact with objects and clicking on any area of the game screen (including video thumbnails) should always advance the dialogues. This is the usual gameplay: clicking on an object during a dialogue in a room advances the dialogue. But this behavior changes oddly in front of a computer screen, where it is possible to click on the objects during a dialog.

If I report this problem as a major one, it is because many players ask for help: these passages should be obvious, yet changing the interaction system and adding breaks cause great confusion that is detrimental to Summertime Saga gameplay.




2019-08-26 22:55

updater   ~0002947

Fixed for 0.19. Reopen it if you notice the problem again.

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