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0002022Bug Report2019-08-26 22:56
Status closedResolutionfixed
Summary0002022: Wrong dialogue when clicking on the Remote Access app
DescriptionVersion 0.18.6. See attachment.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Progress in Jenny's route until you hack inside her computer.
2. Log inside the main character's computer and click on Remote Access app.
3. Get access to Jenny's computer screen, and click again on Remote Access app.

• The main character says "I can't do that when Jenny can come in any minute!"

• The main character shouldn't say "I can't do that when Jenny can come in any minute!" but something like "I'm already connected to her computer."




2019-07-09 10:52


Remote access again.jpg (302,958 bytes)


2019-07-09 11:17

updater   ~0002867

Just taking a look at the scripts: the check already exists but has a missing element. The correct dialogue isn't called during the day, only at night. Here are the changes to do, in minigames\hacking_minigame\hacking_minigame, line 2:

if game.timer.is_day():
if game.timer.is_day() and not M_jenny.get("hacked pc"):

Now, the main character will say "( I don't see why I'd try to connect my computer from my computer... )" when we click on Jenny's computer Remote Access app during the day AND if we have already hacked Jenny's computer AND if we do it from the main character's computer.

To be tested as usual.


2019-08-26 22:56

updater   ~0002948

Fixed for 0.19. Reopen it if you notice the problem again.

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