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0002010Bug Report2019-07-10 14:28
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0002010: Wrong background in the trailer when studying with Roxxy
DescriptionVersion 0.18.6. See attachment.

I reported many background issues with the trailer park in bug reports 0001442 and 0001443 (this one is not correctly fixed btw: we are able to play the shooting range minigame at night), but I missed this one.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Progress in Roxxy's route until she asks the main character to meet her in the evening at the trailer
2. Wait for the evening.
3. Go to the trailer.
4. Wait for the end of the dialogues.
5. Click on the door to see inside the trailer.

• The background is daytime.
• If you don't click to the door, go to sleep and come back the next day, the scene will still be triggered.

• The background should be with a nighttime version only as this scene should be played at night.
• We shouldn't be able to see this scene by clicking on the door during the daytime.




2019-06-21 00:02


Background trailer.jpg (453,538 bytes)


2019-07-10 14:24

updater   ~0002882

Here is the fix to be sure this scene is played only at night:
In script locations\trailer_park\trailer_lock_check, line 10:

if destination == "trailer_interior" and not M_roxxy.get("heard clyde in trailer"):
if destination == "trailer_interior" and not M_roxxy.get("heard clyde in trailer") and game.timer.is_dark():


2019-07-10 14:28

updater   ~0002883

And the fix for the background, in script locations\trailer_park\trailer_lock_check, line 13:

scene trailer_interior_c
scene expression game.timer.image("trailer_interior_c{}")

Both corrections have to be verified.

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