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0002004Bug Report2019-08-26 23:02
SeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed
Summary0002004: burglar at the Erik's house in the middle of the night
DescriptionWhne I saw a burglar in the backyard of Erik's house and tried to go there , it was said that i cannot go there during the night., so I just put the protagonist to sleep.
After a week the event occured again and I wasn't able to enter Erik's house, but this time in the morning Nrs Johnson met me thanking for keeping the burglar away as if there was an event.




2019-06-19 09:45

updater   ~0002812

I have experienced several errors like this, on the burglar part of Eric and Mrs. Johnson's story; but each time I have encountered the difficulty of reproducing these errors.


2019-06-19 09:50

updater   ~0002813

This bug is similar to the one I have experienced, and also similar to bug report 0001406: we see the burglar inside Mrs. Johnson's backyard through the telescope, but the backyard location is still locked on.


2019-08-26 23:02

updater   ~0002954

Fixed for 0.19. Reopen it if you notice the problem again.

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