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0001996Bug Report2019-07-10 16:13
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Summary0001996: Roxxy's cookie jar scenes order
DescriptionVersion 0.18.6.

While working on Roxxy's cookie jar scenes, I noticed that the scenes were not in the right order, i.e. the order in which they are played and unlocked in-game.

Scene 5 (aka "Sex in the locker") is an optional scene that is actually unlocked AFTER scene 6 (aka "Sex in the trailer"). There is no way to unlocked the sex in the locker before finishing Roxxy's route.
The order is important because players often refer to the cookie jar to follow their progression in the game.

Scene 4 (aka "Massage in the changing room") is not a bug but can be confusing too, as this scene is not unlocked during the bikini contest, but only if you choose to massage Roxxy at the beach in Saturday and Sunday evening. I have feedback from players who think it's a bug since they've already played this scene during the contest. So I added more details in the wiki.




2019-06-13 12:38

reporter   ~0002796

Related to bug 0001526.


2019-07-10 16:05

reporter   ~0002886

Another point is that the last sexual scenes with each school teacher are unlocked when they are replayed in the game. Because they exist in two versions - first time or repeated - and that those of the cookie jar correspond to the repeated versions.

I can't count the number of times I've had to explain to players that a scene has to be replayed to be unlocked. Really counter-intuitive. Logically, their scenes should be unlocked as soon as they have been played, as they are for other characters. Once again, these small gameplay issues are currently ignored but have a negative impact on the game and result in players coming to seek help.


2019-07-10 16:13

reporter   ~0002887

And also related to 0001993.

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