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0001952Bug Report2019-07-10 16:45
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Summary0001952: librarian is stuck in a loop
DescriptionWhen I go to the library to get the french book, the librarian asks me if I'd like to open a membership - hitting yes and going to the shelf for the books works normally, but the french book isn't there, and upon exiting the bookshelf, the librarian is again in the main view and asks if I'd like to open a membership (and another 20$).

*update* Doing a tour of all of the rooms in the library appears to have fixed it - I now have the french book and she's stopped asking me to start a membership.




2019-06-08 14:28

updater   ~0002730

When exactly is it happening? What french book are you talking about?
Normally, if you refuse or cannot pay the subscription, the main character is kicked out of the library.

I tried to reproduce the bug with the French dictionary (the first french book) and I can't find any bug. So please add more details, thank you.


2019-06-10 07:45

reporter   ~0002763

Aye, it's the French Dictionary - all I did was get the quest from Ms B. to go get the book from the library, and when I got there the Librarian is front and center and asks me if I'd like a subscription - if I say yes, she sends me to the bookshelf to get the book, but it's not there and when I exit the shelf she's again front and center and asking if I'd like a subscription.

If I go to the back room (where the kids are having sex) she comes in and gives her dialog, and then I can go back to the front room and actually get the book from the shelf.

At no point does she actually kick me out of the library, I just get the "do you want to buy a subscription" dialog any time I enter the main room (either from the bookshelf or one of the other two rooms) until I've found the French dictionary.


2019-06-10 10:50

updater   ~0002765

I'm unable to reproduce this bug. This is what I did:
1. Begin Ms. Bissette's route until she asks the French dictionary
2. Enter the library, pay the susbscription fees.
3. Go to the bookshelf, the dictionary is not here.
4. Go to the counter, talk to the librarian.
5. Go back to the bookshelf, the dictionary is here.
6. Take the dictionary.

I did several tests, with different variants, and each time the subscription fees were taken into account on the first try. It is likely that there is something in your progress that may have interfered with your quest, or you are mistaken about the book because there are several books in French.


2019-06-10 11:04

updater   ~0002766

If by any chance you made a save just before this event, I'd be happy to take a look at it.

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