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0001590Bug Report2020-05-04 19:31
Status resolvedResolutionreopened
Summary0001590: Cannot buy more than one vehicle
DescriptionI went to the car dealer, and bought a sports car. Now when I choose the option to buy a new vehicle, she says ok but I get kicked out of the conversation, not getting the options to buy the other two vehicles anymore.




2019-05-03 17:10

updater   ~0002348

These are duplicate issues to 0001582
PLEASE check for existing tickets before opening new ones.


2019-05-04 09:17

updater   ~0002375

I'm sorry, but this is not a dupe of 0001582. That one is about some crash related to Jenny, this one is about being able to buy several vehicles in the car dealer, and getting thrown out of conversation. i'm not getting an error, nor does it have to do with Jenny or her pregnancy.


2019-05-04 13:44

reporter   ~0002381

because buying a vehicle is not completed there is no route for it yet it's just there to make you think you bought a new car for now it just you pay for mother car repair or convince the dealer to fix it


2019-05-05 01:29

reporter   ~0002389

You might want to give a try with version 0.18.2 just got myself a second car for the pizza mini game and no issues there,


2019-05-08 19:46

updater   ~0002491

I tried 0.18.2 but the bug is still there. When I click on I want to buy a vehicle, I get kicked out of conversation.


2019-06-05 08:13

updater   ~0002683

This has been fixed in 0.18.5 and can be marked as fixed.


2019-11-06 16:56

updater   ~0003527

Please mark as fixed and close :)


2019-11-06 18:25

updater   ~0003530

Last edited: 2019-11-06 18:27

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I still have this bug in the test version. It is therefore unlikely that it was fixed. The explanation is that the sports car is the last update of the vehicles, so there is no longer any dialog option to display. But "Buy a vehicle" button is still present when it should be removed.

I update the report information to version 0.19.1 so it's not closed.



2019-11-06 19:48

updater   ~0003542

Also fine by me :) In a newer safe I could buy the other two afterwards. But maybe I was lucky, or i'm remembering incorrectly (although i'm pretty sure I posted that comment of June directly after testing it).


2020-04-20 20:02

updater   ~0004595

This issue will be fixed in the next version (0.20). Vehicles will be purchased one after the other, only after a number of pizza deliveries have been achieved each time.


2020-05-04 08:40

updater   ~0004715

The issue has been fixed in version 0.20.0. As part of the main story, vehicles now have to be bought in order and deliveries have to be made to unlock the next one. Please update the game to the last version. The report is now closed.

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