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0001445Suggestion2019-05-03 06:47
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Summary0001445: English translations for Spanish text.
DescriptionJust a thought. The dialogue from both Consuela and her daughter Camilla, is great, funny. And may be necessary. I almost just skipped over it without translating it, and would have lost out. Can you keep the Spanish but add English translation under it in (perenthesis)? Like they do in the movies or other games? I just think that to many people will not go out and translate it to hear the funny banter.
-por favor considera esto-
-(please consider this)-




2018-12-19 07:06

updater   ~0001830

Will pass on to devs for consideration. No promises.


2018-12-19 07:40

reporter   ~0001839

To take this a step further, what if it's a hidden thing, gated behind a few in-game criteria? Like, you have to have completed the French teacher route, and have high enough Intelligence stat, then there's a book on the shelf at the library ("Spanish For Dummies" or whatevs) you can now collect. Like, having mastered French, Main Character is now confident enough to take on another language.


2019-05-03 06:47

updater   ~0002298

These have all either been fixed, been marked for a future fix, or will be in a late QoL update. Thank you for your reports.

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